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In my Old Town Pickerington private practice as a Pastoral Counselor, I see adults, adolescents, children, and couples for counseling.  While the difficulties people face vary, some of the more common presenting problems include excessive worry, depression, anger, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional or spiritual), stress, social anxiety, spiritual emptiness, loss of identity, inability to communicate effectively, conflict avoidance, unforgiveness, guilt, eating disorders (food addiction, binging, purging, etc), self-mutilation, compulsive behaviors, addictions, damage from betrayal or deception and excessive fears.

An exceptionally difficult and specialized area I have substantial experience in is the landslide of emotional, financial, familial and personal bewilderment and trauma associated with terminal mental health disease such as Alheimers, dementia or Huntington’s Disease. Learning how to cope with the changes taking place, identifying what is taking place, modifying social life, changes in career/income, and the commmunication changes gradually taking place are some of the challenges faced by these families. Knowing what to expect financially and where to turn for help is a critical area these families face and need to plan for well in advance to help minimize confusion, extreme loss, and unnecessary fears. The caregivers of the patient is in vital need of supportive therapy and coping mechanisms to alleviate the tremendous stress placed on them. A healthy caregiver can contribute greatly to the expereince of everyone involved in this difficult journey.

I also offer premarital and marital counseling, in addition to helping those coping with the changes associated with divorce. Frequent couple issues include poor communication patterns, unresolved conflicts, financial strains, in-law interference, blended family challenges, sexual difficulties, affairs, relationship roles and disagreements over raising children.  Couples who are contemplating divorce would benefit from couple and individual counseling.  Before making such a life changing decision, please make sure you’ve exhausted as many resources as possible to work out your marriage. When it’s difficult to determine the root cause of marital problems, as a trained counselor and coach, I can help determine those areas. Poor communication is oftentimes at the heart of relational problems.

When I work with adolescents, I prefer (though I don’t insist) that the parent(s) come in with their child for the initial meeting. At that time, I’ll ask each person present to explain their concern and what they hope to achieve through counseling. Unless my client gives permission to share specific details with the parents, then any information shared with me will remain confidential (or if I the child or someone else’s life may be in danger.)

I may ask the parents to stay in touch with me regularly to increase my knowledge of what’s taking place at home or for any history which may be relevant to treatment. It’s all a puzzle (not a fault or deficiency) to which the family may contribute key pieces, helping to complete the picture. Generally, it’s not just the child needing help, but the entire family which ultimately benefits through counseling.

Family’s willing to participate together in counseling deserve a great deal of credit. A healthy family learns to recognize and express their thoughts and feelings, establish healthy boundaries, encourage individuality with each other. Effective communication is the best way to understand the constant transitions taking place in a growing family.

I do not provide child custody evaluations, nor substance abuse treatment. I do, however, work with alcoholics and substance abusers who are actively engaged in a twelve step program to help ensure their success.

FAITH is the thread which weaves hope, healing, and personal empowerment. If you do not have a desire to discuss faith during your sessions, I will respect that request. My mission is not to convert unbelievers, but to offer every person understanding, insight and coping strategies to live life more fully. I will be clear, however, that I believe God is the One healing, and I’m honored to be used by Him. I respect each person’s right to choice.

My private practice is located at 167 E Columbus Street, Suite #2 , Pickerington, Ohio
Directions: From I-70 West/East take Pickerington, Rt 256 South Exit and go approximately 4 miles. Turn left on W Columbus Street for 0.5 miles. Just after the RR tracks, my office is the second building ( a tan house) on the right (just after Professional Center), 2nd floor, suite 2. There is ample parking in front and back.

Counseling by phone is also available.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 614-762-7770 and leave a message. You can reach me via this website or email me at [email protected]. (Please put “new client” in subject box so you won’t be deleted in spam.)